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Standing on a gorgeous and impressive location full of high and imposing pine and cedar trees known by the naming “Rotsos (Rock) of Prophet Elias” and on an altitude of 1090 metres is a small chapel dedicated to the protector Saint of our Community, Prophet Elias. 

In 2011, the Community Council created a Viewing Point at the paved patio of the chapel. The Viewing Point is co-funded by the European Union and the Republic of Cyprus within the Rural Development Programme 2007-2013, Measure 2.6. -  Sub - Measure 2.6.1: Non-productive investments at 100%.

The total cost for the creation of the Viewing Point amounted to 12,000 Euros. 

Tour of the Viewing Point

Visitors at the Viewing Point will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful colours and scents of nature, as well as to enjoy the view of the surrounding area which stretches all the way to the Akrotiri Bay in Lemesos. 

The Viewing Point is accessible by people with special needs and is linked with the Excursion Site of Agridia, an ideal place for a picnic, rest and recreation.

At the Viewing Point visitors will find wooden benches, a wooden canopy under which there is a telescope and the chapel of Prophet Elias, the interior of which is completely covered with hagiographies. Through the telescope one can observe the following:

  • The Mountain Regions of Troodos, Madari and Papoutsa
  • The peaks of the mountains of Agros, Potamitissa and Pelendri
  • The Kourris Water-dam (Community of Alassa)
  • The Akrotiri Bay (By the city of Lemesos)
  • The Communities of Agridia, Dymes, Handria and Kyperounta

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