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Natural Environment

 A green veil covers the slope on which the beautiful village of Agridia is built. Land covered by wild vegetation is harmonically interchanged with beautiful orchards and vineyards, thus creating a scenery that can only be described as an artist’s painting.

Uncultivated pieces of land spread along approximately 250 hectares and are covered by wild vegetation. The Excursion Site which has been created by the Department of Forests in cooperation with our community is of unique beauty. One can meet there several kinds of trees such as cedars, cypresses, platans, oaks, pines, olive trees, laurels, as well bushy vegetation such as golden oaks, storaxes, terebinths and kermes oaks.    

In addition to the village’s rich vegetation, the fauna of Agridia is also of great interest. Following below is a table including the types of fauna one can meet in Agridia: 

      Birds       Birds Animals Reptiles
Partridge Cormorant Cat Viper
Black Francolin Pheasant Dog Cat Eyed Snake
Wood Pigeon Blackcap Donkey Grass Snake
Turtle Dove Swallow Goat Cyprus Whip Snake
Eurasian Blackbird  Hoopoe Hare  
Woodcock Bee eater Fox  
Black-crowned Night Heron- Masked Shrike Hedgehog  
Sparrow   Chicken  

The village’s land is also covered by cultivations including fruit baring trees, vegetables, potatoes, almonds, olive trees, vineyards and walnut trees.  Olive cultivation and vine cultivation are quite limited. In particular, vine cultivation has been significantly limited in the past few years because it has been deemed profitless.

The beauty of the natural scenery of Agridia is enhanced by the water dam which was built in 1983. The dam has a capacity of 59.000 m3 and a height of 18 m, while it is located between hills with sparse wild vegetation. The image created as the small hills reflect on the calm waters of the dam is always seductive. 

Andreas Evgeniou, Community Council President  



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