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Paphos - Agridia

Having the roundabout of Konia as your starting point, you should drive towards Lemesos. After the uneven roundabout of Mandria, you will have to leave the highway and take the exit towards the old road leading from Lemesos to Pafos. Drive straight heading towards Lemesos. When you come across the exit of Nikokleia and Agios Nicolaos, turn left. Next, you will drive by the villages of Nikokleia, Souskiou, Fasoula, Mamonia, Agios Georgios, Kidasi, Kedares and Pretori. Continue driving straight until you reach the junction of Mandria and Kato Platres, where you will have to start heading towards Pera Pedi. Afterwards, you will be led to the Saittas – Moniatis junction. Once you have reached the junction, turn right driving towards Trimiklini. Once you have entered Trimiklini, in about 100 metres, turn left and you will reach the community of Pelendri. After driving past Pelendri you will enter the community of Potamitissa. At a distance of 200 metres, turn right to head towards the village of Kato Mylos. In about 100 metres, you will find the road exit directing you towards Agros. Follow it by turning left. After approximately 200 metres, you will reach the exit leading to Agridia. Follow it and within a few minutes you will be led to the gorgeous community of Agridia. 

Installed throughout the route are road signs that will direct you to your destination. Your journey should last approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes (see the route marked on the map in blue)



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