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Picnic Area

Located in a majestic scenery full of pines and other trees, just above the church of Prophet Elias and on the foothill of mount Rotsos, at the top of which stands the chapel of Prophet Elias and the View Spot, is the Picnic Area of Agridia.

The history of the Picnic Area

This amazing Picnic Area was created on land owned by the Department of Forests in the year 2000 after an initiative was taken by the Association of Expatriates of Agridia followed by thorough study, planning and construction by the Department of Forests, which was funded by the District Administration of Limassol, the Association of Expatriates of Agridia and the Community Council of Agridia.

In 2011, the Community Council of Agridia completed the formation and beautification works of the Picnic Area. Hence, as of 2011, the Picnic Area of Agridia has been upgraded and today constitutes the ideal space for people to have a meal, rest and entertain themselves.

The upgrade and expansion of the Picnic Area, which took place in 2011, were co-funded by the European Union and the Republic of Cyprus as part of the Rural Development Programme 2007-2013, Measure 2.6 – Scheme 2.6: 100% Non-Productive Investments  

The total cost for the upgrade and expansion of the Picnic Area rose to 70000 euros.

Touring around the Picnic Area

While touring around the Picnic Area, visitors can admire the beauty of nature with its wonderful colours and scents. At the same time, they will encounter an artificial stream, a small waterfall, stony fountains, a playground, as well as a fascinating amphitheater. What is more, due to the connection of the Picnic Area with the View Spot, one has the opportunity to enjoy the view of the surrounding area and see as far as the Akrotiri Bay in Limassol.

At the Picnic Area playground children can enjoy playing, while the impressive Amphitheatre, which is unique in the area and possibly one of the few in Cyprus, can host theatrical plays and events with 250 spectators.   

The Picnic Area is equipped with wooden tables, a barbecue area, drinking water and lavatories, in essence all facilities required during a daily excursion, while it can accommodate 400 visitors.

Visitors’ Rules of Conduct

Visitors of the Picnic Area must abide by the following rules of conduct:

  • Lighting a fire is permitted only within the barbecue area.  
  • The use of logs and wood from the area for lighting a fire is prohibited.
  • Fire and burning coal must be totally extinguished after their use.
  • All litter must be placed in rubbish bins.
  • The area must be used in a way that does not impede other visitors from enjoying themselves.
  • In case of fire visitors are asked to immediately call the Fire Department on 112 and 199 and also to try and extinguish the fire using the means available in the fire extinguish units, without, however, putting themselves at risk.
  • Entry to pets and vehicles is prohibited.  

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