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Agridia” HuntingAssociation

“Agridia” hunting association was established in 2001. Its primary objective was to be able to play an important role both in our community and the wider region. Moreover, the Association has set the protection and enrichment of game among its goals, in addition to tightening the relationships among people of every age who love hunting and nature.

The Association’s vision is that all members of the administrative committee, apart from being consistent to their obligations, constitute exemplary law abiding hunters and paradigms to be copied for everybody by issuing hunting licenses, dog licenses and by protecting property and fighting illegal hunting.

The Association’s Administrative Committee consists of fifteen members and three runner-up reserve members. It must be noted that the Hunting Association cooperates with all Organised Groups in Agridia and is always willing to provide any assistance to the community. 

The Association organizes a summer dinner each July at Prophet Elias’ Park, a carnival dance, as well as rifle competitions. Additionally, it undertakes the organization of a backgammon competition which is held on every Sunday of Easter and the issuing of a lottery with the prize being a lamb which is sold and drawn on the same day.  

Giorgos Solomou, President of the “Agridia” Hunting Association.  

Athletic Club ATE (Agricultural Local Union)PEK (Agricultural Cyprus Union) Apollon Agridia”

The Youth Association of Agridia was established in 1943 and was renamed “Apollon Agridia” when the football team was created in 1954.

The Youth Association of Agridia had set as its primary objective to help all the farmers and stock breeders of Agridia. To achieve its goals, it was deemed necessary to form an Administrative Committee/Board of Directors, which worked towards achieving this objective until 1954.

Since 1954, when the Union was renamed into Apollon Agridia, the Administrative Committee has placed the football team as its first priority. In fact, the members of the Committee have been the same ever since the establishment of Apollon Agridia.  

Apollon’s main objective is to preserve the team. The vision of the Association is to keep “Apollon Agridia” alive along with the tradition and folkways of the village. Unfortunately however, as the Association explains, it is really hard nowadays to maintain an organized group, while it takes great effort by the Association’s Administration and its members to achieve their vision. 

In particular, the Association sorrowfully underscores that the way things are today, it is very hard to maintain a football club, since urbanization has affected our Club as well. What is distinctive is the fact that although the home stadium of the team is in Agridia, all the members of the football team of Apollon live in the city. Despite the aforementioned difficulties and the small number of players coming from Agridia, the Club has managed to continue its existence.   

The Association organizes Christmas and summer dancing parties, the latter being held in August. Moreover, in cooperation with the Community Council and the Association of the People of Agridia, the club organizes all cultural events. Additionally, it organized national centennials, religious celebrations, heroes’ memorials, tree plantings, blood donations, as well as other events such as Christmas carols singing, group bingo and Easter games.  

Apollon Agridia cooperates with the rest of the organized groups of the community, the “Prophet Elias Association of Expatriates of Agridia”, the Hunting Association and, of course, the Community Council. 

Andreas Socratous, President of “Apollon Agridia”

“Prophet Elias” Association of Expatriates of Agridia

“Prophet Elias” Association of Expatriates of Agridia was established in 1980 and has set the following objectives:

  • To maintain a close contact and frequent communication among the people of Agridia.  
  • To achieve mutual understanding and help among the members of the Association.  
  • To engage the people of Agridia into a process of promotion and solution of vital problems.
  • To create the preconditions for the promotion of Agrotourism.  
  • To promote the interests of the people of Agridia as a group.
  • To promote the spiritual, cultural and educational level of the people of Agridia.

The Association’s Board of Directors consists of eleven members and is elected every two years. The Association cooperates with the District Union of Expatriates of the Pitsilia Region (PESAP), as well as with all organized parties of Agridia, with “Apollon Agridia” and the Hunting Association. 

The Association organizes the annual summer and winter dancing parties, the Christmas and Easter event, as well as all unscheduled events, such as the event about “the stoning of the British in Agridia”, and the celebration of Women’s Day. The Association also performs the memorials of our three heroes who were killed in 1974, of the two missing persons of our community, as well as the memorials of the two heroes of 1955-59 who were killed in our village, Christos Tsiartas and Savvas Rotsides. Moreover, it organizes a blood donation on an annual basis in honour of the three heroes from Agridia and the two missing persons of 1974. 

What is worth mentioning is that the Association of Expatriates, in cooperation with the Community Council, has promoted and completed a series of projects in the community. In particular, the Association has built the chapel of Prophet Elias, the Ecclesiastical Museum, the square and the memorial of Agridia, as well as the monuments constructed at the location were Savvas Rotsides and Christos Tsiartas were killed. Moreover, it has undertaken the creation of an excursion site, of a Park dedicated to the missing persons of Agridia, as well as the responsibility to promote the reconstruction of the community buildings of Agridia, the beautification of the village by creating greenery areas and the construction of pavements. Finally, it has contributed to both the establishment of the Community Infirmary and the Community Library.  

Yiannakis Peratikos, President of the “Prophet Elias” Association of Expatriates of Agridia.


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