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Planned projects which were completed during the period between January 1st 2007 and December 31st 2011. 

  • Creation of a website
  • Beautification and lightening of the village’s bridge.
  • Lightening of the 5 meter high Timios Stavros (Holy Cross) and the rocks they surround it.  
  • Beautification of two footpaths which lead to the square of the village.
  • Preparation of a Master Plan (Our vision for Agridia in the future). Cost: 35,000 Euros.
  • Replacement of a water supply pipe starting from the point of the separator up to the water tanks of the village. The project will cost 298 000 Euros. 
  • Upgrade and maintenance of the existing excursion site – Expenditure: 62,000 Euros
  • Creation of an Observation Point – Expenditure: 12,000 Euros
  • Maintenance of the old cemetery and linkage with the new cemetery – 
    Expenditure: 35,000 Euros
  • Purchase of a fire truck for fire extinguishing purposes – Expenditure: 25,000 Euros
  • Installation of three new hydrants for fire extinguishing purposes – 
    Expenditure: 5,000 Euros
  • Computerization of the Community Council – Expenditure: 7,000 Euros
  • Installation of wooden signs with a map of the community (satellite footage) and a caption providing information on all points of interest of the community.
  • Free installation of satellite internet at seven points within the Community (Hellas Sat).
  •  Installation of traffic signals and mirrors along the streets.
  •  Placement of marble and stony plaques “Welcoming” and “Wishing a Bon Voyage” at the three entrances of the Community.

Projects completed by December 31st 2006:

  •  Construction of Community Council Offices which house the Community Infirmary, the Community Welfare Council and the Community Library.  
  • Installation of a new Water Supply network within the community.
  • Creation of Irrigation Departments and Drillings for the exploitation of larger pieces of land by the residents.
  • Construction of a water tank with a capacity of 59000 tons of water, which is used for agricultural purposes.
  • Garbage collection and transfer to the garbage disposal area in “Vati”.
  • Construction of a new Cemetery next to the old one.
  • Construction of a Metallic Bridge which connects the square to the community buildings.  
  • Placement of metal bars along roads.
  • Creation of Campsite by the Municipality of Latsia at the Primary School premises.
  • Creation of an Excursion Site with modern premises.
  • Construction of a chapel on an impressive height called “Rotsos” to honour our protector Saint, Prophet Elias. The location provides open view of the Akrotiri bay. A beautification has also taken place.  
  • Beatification of the square and creation of a monument to honour the fallen and missing residents of Agridia, as well as the heroes who fell in Agridia during the liberating fight of 1955-59.
  • Creation of monuments on the land of Agridia, at the places where the heroes Christos Tsiartas and Savvas Rossides sacrificed themselves.
  • Restoration of the Old Olive Mill, next of the church of Prophet Elias.
  • Creation of a Byzantine Museum within the church of Prophet Elias.  
  • Placement of a Large Clock with a thermometer in the village’s square.

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