Standing at the square of the village, in an impressive green environment covered with huge poplar trees, is a Monument dedicated to Savvas Rotsides and Christos Tsiartas, fighters of the liberating fight against the British colonizers, to Andreas Mateidis, Spyros Petousis and Christakis Argyrides, killed during the Turkish invasion of 1974, and to Michalakis Kyprianou and Kostakis Valanides, missing persons since the Turkish invasion. 
It is a Monument which “spreads” along three terraces of an amphitheatrically shaped slope and which consists of plaques made of local stone, a fountain in the middle and stony flower gardens along the perimeter. The monument is the work of architect, Charis Charilaou.  

The monument was constructed in 1990 by the “Prophet Elias” Association of Expatriates of Agridia and in cooperation with the Community Council of Agridia. The Monument’s revealing ceremony was held on October 21, 1990 by the eparch of Lemesos at the time, Mr. Andreas Aggelides.   

Presented below is some brief personal information of the 1955-59 fallen and the Turkish invasion fallen, in honour of whom the Monument was designed.  

Savvas Rotsides, age 23, from the village of Mammari, and Christos Tsiartas, age 25, from the village of Polystypos, were heroically killed on the field of battle in Agridia while fighting against the British. Rotsides was killed on November 11, 1958 and Tsiartas on March 3, 1956.  

In the tragic summer of 1974, three residents of Agridia were heroically killed while fighting. Andreas S. Mateidis, age 26, was brutally murdered by the Turks in the village of Trimithi, in Keryneia. Spyros K. Petousis, age 27, was killed on July 20, 1974 in the village of Episkopi, in Lemesos, whereas Christakis K. Argyrides, age 21, fell in Lapithos of Keryneia.

*The procedure for the identification of the remains of missing person Kostakis I. Valanides using DNA testing was completed on June 29, 2013. His remains were buried in his home village, Agridia.  


Evgeniou Andreas, President of the Agridia Community Council