Agridia Youth Centre

The Youth Centre of Agridia was established on June 19th 2011. The contribution and elevation of the importance of the youth in communities such as ours and in society in general, so that young people could live up to the expectations of the present era, constituted the corner stone for the establishment of the Youth Centre. “The youth can regenerate and revive a community and a society and we are here to prove this”, comments the Youth Centre.

The Youth Centre’s Executive Committee comprises of 21 members, as this was defined during the inaugural general assembly. The core of the Committee is formed by Chairman Charis Charalampous, vice-chairman Yiota Georgiou, cashier Christos Valanides, secretary Stephani Christophorou, assistant cashier Maria Savva and assistant secretary Aphrodite Nicolaou. The Committee is also staffed by press and advertising executive Maria Savva, the executive for overseas European programmes Antria Christophorou, the executive for interior European programmes Loukia Tsaggaridou and the environmental issues executive Katerina Tsaggaridou. The event’s committee and the committee responsible for the events’ venues also play an important role.  

The Youth Centre’s efforts are focused on offering fun and entertainment opportunities to both the young and older fellow villagers and friends by holding events of varied interests such as music nights, tree plantings, dancing, singing and theatrical performances, cultural events, blood donations and board game competitions. 

The Youth Centre has been cooperating with the Community Council of Agridia from the very first moment of its establishment, with the Athletic Club “Apollon Agridion”, the Association of Expatriates of Agridia, the Hunting Association, as well as with all other fellow villagers. 

Finally, the Youth Centre notes the following:

Agridia Youth Centre